Recording Metal with Eyal Levi: A Bootcamp

Step into the studio of one of metal's most in-demand producers Eyal Levi and get access to his trade secrets. Watch Free Now 🀟

Learn how to create dynamic images using the highly popular double exposure effect.

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It's Official...Nigel Barker is coming back to CreativeLive for not one but THREE new classes πŸ™Œ RSVP to learn from a world-renowned photographer β†’

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"Aspire to have confidence in your own uniqueness." - Gregory Heisler #PSW18

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Demystifying the Science Behind Forming Daily Habits

4 tips to ditch bad habits and make lasting progress towards your goals πŸ‘Š

Introduction to Black & White Film Photography with Daniel Gregory | CreativeLive

Learn how to create timeless images the old fashioned way and become a stronger and more confident photographer with Daniel j Gregory Photography.

Megan Auman: How to Build a Business While Learning Your Craft

How do you find time to hone your craft AND start a business? Let Megan Auman teach you how to balance it all and get customers in the door.

Watch her full class - airing free now ➾

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BIG NEWS πŸ—£ Lisa Congdon Art + Illustration is returning to our studios! Known for her colorful paintings, distinctive patterns and motivational lettering - you've likely seen her work before. Join Lisa next week!

PSW18 Sweepstakes: Win the Entire Photoshop Week 2018 Bundle

Can you Photoshop better today than you did 5 years ago? Share your progress for a chance to win $1200 in creative learning. #PSW18

How To Create A Transparent Selection in Photoshop with Colin Smith

Learn how to create a transparent selection in Adobe Photoshop in just 2 minutes!

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What Kind of Photoshopper Are You?

What *crops* up for you? 😜

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Hack it 'til you make it!

5 Hidden Gems In Adobe Photoshop | CreativeLive

Save yourself years of trial and error with these 5 secret Photoshop tips from industry-pro Blake Rudis >>

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β€œYou can’t think your way into a career. You can only shoot your way in.” - Gregory Heisler #PSW18 #mondaymotivation

How To Create Custom Brushes in Photoshop with Khara Plicanic

Be your own Picasso πŸ–Œ and create custom brushes in Adobe Photoshop with these 5 tips from Khara Plicanic.

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In Focus: Through the Lens with Nigel Barker

Guess who's returning to the CreativeLive Stage soon...✨

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11 quick tips to get the best photos from your camera phone β–ΆοΈŽ

3 Wedding Posing Tips From Top Photographers

Create #RoyalWedding worthy photographs of your next Meghan and Harry with these 3 tips πŸ‘°πŸ€΅

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How to Choose the Right Adobe Software for Your Project

Which camp are you in? πŸ•

Professional Retouching Secrets

5 tips to save ⏳ and πŸ’° in post-processing from pro-retoucher Lisa Carney.

Get more photo retouching tips from #PSW18 - streaming free now >>

Critical Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

These are the kinds of shortcuts we encourage you to take ⌨️ #PSW18

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Master your creative workflow so you can spend more time doing what you love. Take 50% Off our Best-Selling Adobe classes today!

Action Editorial Photo Shoot with Dan Brouillette

Watch Dan Brouillette Photography capture an athlete in action whilst staying tethered the whole time in this live photo shoot.

Master tethered shooting basics for studio photography in Dan's #PSW18 class. LIVE NOW πŸ‘‰

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Do you browse through Architectural Digest and drool over mid-century moderns and contemporary craftsmans? Who doesn't! Learn how to create pro-grade interior architectural images with Mike Kelly. Live Today πŸ‘‰ #PSW18

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Created something you're proud of during #PSW18? Enter our AdoramaPix giveaway and put your work on display, with a chance to win the Ultimate Photographer's Portrait Bundle worth $500+ πŸ‘‰ #giveaway #photography

Transport your subjects to dream landscapes with this quick step-by-step to remove a background.

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Go beyond good enough. Get results πŸš€ #PSW18

5 Bad Photoshop Mistakes & Habits To Break Right Now

Don't just get better. Work smarter. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Lightroom CC Organization with RC Concepcion

No more "File Cannot Be Found." Get organized in Lightroom CC with RC Concepcion and never waste a minute again searching for your favorite images. Live Now!

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β€œIt took me a few seconds to draw it, but it took me 34 years to learn how to draw it in a few seconds.” - Paula Scher

From shoot to edit, learn how to capture the night's brilliance in Tim Cooper's Night Photography class. Live Now πŸ’« #PSW18

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He's an Adobe certified instructor, he's written 5 best-selling books on Photoshop & Lightroom, and he even won this week's 'Photoshop This' challenge πŸ† If there's anyone to learn this stuff from - it's RC Concepcion. Tune In Today ➑ #PSW18

Photoshop Week 2018

2 days left of FREE Photoshop learning! Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to improve your skills or a beginner hoping to make sense of it all - Photoshop Week 2018 has something for every creative.
Learn Free Now πŸ‘‰ #PSW18

You got the shot βœ…But that's just half the fun. Learn the post-processing techniques that will bring your long exposures to life πŸ‘‰

4 Photoshop Workflow Tips that Will Optimize Your Process

Take it from someone who's spent 25+ years mastering their workflow for clients like Disney, Mercedes-Benz and Mattel.

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Mobile Photography with Jared Platt

Leave your laptop behind this summer and edit professional images from your mobile device! Watch Jared Platt's Mobile Photography class and learn how to harness Adobe's mobile apps to share your adventures on-the-go.

How do you use Photoshop to fuel your creative vision? Let us know below πŸ‘‡ #PSW18

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We all have that one indispensable tool...what's yours? #PSW8

5 Tips for a perfect complexion from Hollywood retoucher Lisa Carney.

Get more retouching tips in Lisa's Compositing for Commercial Photography class. Live Now ➀ #PSW18

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Make the switch from mouse and touchpad ➑️ tablet and pen and learn how to retouch images faster in Jared Platt's Wacom Tutorial class. Live Today >> #PSW18

The 10 Best Photoshop Tips and Techniques for Beginners

Some secrets are meant to be shared. These 10 Photoshop shortcuts are those secrets.

Photoshop Now and Then: PSW18 Instructors Re-edit Work from the Past

Can you edit a photo better today than you did before? Check out these side-by-side edits from our #PSW18 instructors and try it yourself for a chance to win $1200 ↓

Photoshop This Challenge with Lisa Carney, JesΓΊs Ramirez and RC Concepcion

Watch Photoshop pros Lisa Carney, JesΓΊs Ramirez and RC Concepcion go head-to-head in an editing battle against the clock. Who do you think will win?

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What's your go-to Photoshop tool? πŸ”§

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"Shoot what you can't help but shoot." - Gregory Heisler

If that happens to be πŸŽ‚, go shoot it! #PSW18

Explore your creativity this #DrawingDay ✍️ and create something new in Kate Bingaman-Burt: Illustration + Education's Everyday Drawing class. 40% Off Now >>