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Who knows where you’ll end up, outlines be damned!

CreativeLive + HoneyBook

And we're LIVE! Our collab with HoneyBook on Business Fundamentals for Creative Entrepreneurs is now available with free classes on Branding, Finance, and Legal. Tune in to tune up your business 👉 https://cr8.lv/HoneyBook-CreativeLive
Ashlyn Writes Dominique Broadway, Finances De•mys•ti•fied Christina Scalera Natalie Franke

Explore the art of wildlife photography through the lens of a legend, known for capturing the "most famous wildlife photograph in the world." Watch the free rebroadcast of Thomas Mangelsen’s class now ➤ https://cr8.lv/2y5t4QW

Master Your People Skills with Vanessa Van Edwards | CreativeLive

He's the most memorable person in your life. Help Dad become the most memorable person in the room by mastering his people skills with Vanessa Van Edwards. 50% Off for #FathersDay!

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From first yawn to first words, let family memories like these last a lifetime by adding video to your photography mix. Learn how in Courtney Holmes Films and Photos’ upcoming class - RSVP ➤ https://cr8.lv/2JI9CuO

How Creative Routines Improve Your Health and Well-Being

Creativity is truly a form of medicine.

Wedding Week 2018

Wedding season is in full swing and competition amongst wedding photographers is heating up! Learn how stand out and thrive this summer with our Wedding Week 2018 bundle ➔ https://cr8.lv/2sWoOyf Caroline Tran Photographer, Vanessa Joy Photography, and davina + daniel | wedding photography

Photography Starter Kit with John Greengo

Take better photographs of your travels, friends and family this summer with John Greengo Photography Starter Kit. Watch the free preview → https://cr8.lv/PhotographyStarterKit-Greengo

Infographic: 3 Basic Principles of Color Theory for Designers

How well do you know the color wheel? 🎨

Capture Memories: Family Films with Videographer Courtney Holmes

"A family film is like walking into a memory that you can replay over and over again."

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Whether he's an artist at heart or loves exploring the great outdoors, we've got something for every Dad this Father's Day. Starting at just $19 👉 https://cr8.lv/2LJeyjH #FathersDay

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"Being passionate often translates to other people being passionate too. Your own sort of passion is contagious." - Nigel Barker https://cr8.lv/2sPdmnQ

The Art of Seeing: Macro Techniques

Get closer and explore the beauty of minute details with macro photography. Tune into National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting's class - streaming free now 👉 https://cr8.lv/2LGxBeN

Photography Critique with Alex Strohl with Alex Strohl | CreativeLive

Alex Strohl's images have been featured in notable places like Forbes, Vanity Fair and BuzzFeed - and he's now going to critique YOUR work live this Thursday. RSVP and submit your photos!

Web Design Tips: What All New Designers Need To Know

"Web design is not a solo experience. You are a co-creator with your team, users, and clients." Andy Pratt Design, CreativeLive Instructor

How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence

Self-doubt kills possibility. Learn how to take control of your life and build real self-confidence with Mel Robbins - #5SecondRulehttps://cr8.lv/BreakDoubt-MelRobbins

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Monday mindset 🤔 https://cr8.lv/2sEBdGT #28ToMake

ONE DAY ONLY! >> https://cr8.lv/50-Off-Class-Sale

6 Best National Parks for Outdoor Photographers

It's not too early to start thinking about the weekend, right?

Adobe Lightroom Classic Bootcamp with Ben Willmore

Streaming 🆓 Now! Master your Lightroom workflow so you can spend less time organizing and more time creating in Ben Willmore's Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic Bootcamp ➡ https://cr8.lv/Lightroom-LateNightLearning

Pantone Announces Its Color of the Year for 2018

Why does the Pantone color of the year matter?

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“It took me a few seconds to draw it, but it took me 34 years to learn how to draw it in a few seconds.” - Paula Scher

Business Fundamentals with HoneyBook

Our collab with HoneyBook on Business Fundamentals for Creative Entrepreneurs goes live June 14! RSVP and take 30% off your first year of HoneyBook with our exclusive code CL30 🙌 https://cr8.lv/2sLLtgJ

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A Beginner’s Guide to Hyperfocal Distance and Focusing a Landscape Photo ➔ 'Learn More'

📷: Chris Burkard Photography, #CreativeLive Instructor

How to Use GPS and WiFi on Your Digital Camera

Harness the creative power of GPS and WiFi settings on your camera with John Greengo Photography.
Watch the full class free 👉 https://cr8.lv/FundamentalsOfPhotography-Greengo

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Moments like these 💫 Flip your camera to video mode to tell the whole story in Courtney Holmes Photography's ‘Modern Family Video’ class. RSVP to Watch Free ➾ https://cr8.lv/2Ju6GpW

The Best DSLR Camera Backpacks for Hiking and Outdoor Photography - CreativeLive Blog

Face it, you were wrong. That single strap messenger bag does not cut it for your 10+ mile hikes.

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Chances are you have a watercolor set collecting dust at home. Put paint to paper in Molly Murrah's Watercolor 101 - airing free today 🎨 https://cr8.lv/2LEFD7V

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There is no shame in needing help. Creatives Aga;nst Depression is an online community created, run by, and made for creatives who get you.

If you’re in need of a community to lift you up check out #creativesagainstdepression >> https://cr8.lv/2xZCk9a

Lighting The Scene with Nigel Barker | CreativeLive

The lighting in this image is 🔥🔥🔥 Master how to read light so you can create photographs like this in Nigel Barker's upcoming class. RSVP to Tune In Free!

Behind The Shot with Pye Jirsa

Have you experienced photographer's regret?

Seasoned photographer Pye Jirsa shares the split second decision only experience can teach >> https://cr8.lv/2JmhLZS

A Brand Called You with Debbie Millman

"What will you provide that no one else can?" Learn how to nail your next interview and land your dream job with Debbie Millman. Streaming free now → https://cr8.lv/2sKgem7

In-Focus Keynote with Nigel Barker

How far are you willing to go to get the picture? Learn how to stand out in the Business of Photography in Nigel Barker's brand new class.
20% Off Now 👉 https://cr8.lv/2JrA6AQ

Photos from CreativeLive's post

All those years of doodling in class can finally pay off. Take 5 minutes today to create a neat photo doodle and join our #28toMake challenge ✏️ https://cr8.lv/2JC1z63

🎨: Steven Seighman, Brooks Chambers, Dionne Gonzales - #CreativeLive community

Build Your Network and a Dream Career with J. Kelly Hoey | CreativeLive

"What your network sees in you could be your next big opportunity." Get actionable tips to network your way to your dream career in Kelly Hoey's new class. 20% Off Today!

Fix It In Post - Photoshop Week 2018

What's your reaction to the inevitable request "Can You Fix It In Post?"

Learn the skills to make this possible from the Adobe Photoshop experts themselves. Get the Photoshop Week 2018 bundle - Only $299 Now 👉 https://cr8.lv/Photoshop-Week-2018

Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process with Jose Caballer | CreativeLive

Sorting out the UX process of a design project can take AGES. Learn how to do it in one session in Jose Caballer's Fast & Effective UX Design class - streaming free now ⬇︎

Behind the Shot with Wedding Photographer Pye Jirsa

If you focus only on the technical side of photography you'll miss the magic. Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge explains what changed his perspective on photography 👉 https://cr8.lv/2JmhLZS

The Fundamentals of Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur

Craving to set out on your own creative endeavor? Check out this handy guide we created with our friends at HoneyBook to help you become your own boss 👊

Filming Families: The Modern Family Video with Courtney Holmes | CreativeLive

As a visual storyteller and musician, Courtney Holmes Films and Photos' unique style has been described as soulful, earthy, and life-filled. RSVP to her upcoming class to create authentic family films 👇

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It's not about what you create...it's what you learn along the way. Get back into the habit of making with our #28toMake challenge ⚡️ https://cr8.lv/2sEBdGT

Color Fundamentals with Mary Jane Begin

Learn the 6 principles of color theory and apply it to your creativity with Mary Jane Begin on Art and Education.

Get To Know Nigel Barker

Get to know the man behind the lens and what Nigel Barker plans to do next in his career 👇

Learn more in his Business of Photography class - rebroadcasting free now: https://cr8.lv/2Hp68M7

28 Creative Exercises That Will Get You Hooked on Making Stuff

When was the last time you made something cool? Get back in the habit with #28toMake

"Gain clarity on what opportunities to say yes to so you can quickly say no to all other distractions (and rid yourself of FOMO as well)." - Kelly Hoey, Author: Build Your Dream Network

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